Don't Let PMS Make You Emotional Easily, Here's How

Easily angry, body aches, to headaches are some of the symptoms before menstruation or premenstrual syndrome (PMS) that is often experienced by women. Not infrequently these symptoms make you more irritable and difficult to concentrate when on the move. However, there are certain ways you can try to alleviate it. There is really no medical cure for PMS, but some lifestyle adjustments can help relieve discomfort before and during menstruation. Relieve Discomfort Ahead of Menstruation The following are some ways you can do to minimize discomfort when menstrual signs arise, so PMS does not make you emotional faster. Improve diet Improving your diet can help reduce irritating complaints in the abdominal area before menstruation begins. Overcome the consumption of foods high in salt which can make you bloated, caffeinated drinks that can make you anxious and anxious, and foods / drinks high in sugar. Better to multiply the consumption of water, fruit, vegetables, lean protein, and wh…
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