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Birth control pills and their benefits for getting rid of pimples

Birth control pills are contraceptives that function to prevent pregnancy. However, this construct pill also has a number of other benefits. One of them is to get rid of zits. Many women are reluctant to use hormonal contraceptives, namely birth control pills and birth control injections, for fear of side effects that may result. For example, fear of weight gain, headaches, irregular periods, or acne. In fact, some types of birth control pills can actually overcome acne. How birth control pills work to get rid of pimples The appearance of acne can be caused by many things, including excessive oil production in the skin, blockages in the pores, bacterial proliferation, and excessive activity of androgen hormones. Birth control pills are effective enough to get rid of pimples because they can reduce the activity of androgen hormones through various mechanisms, including inhibiting the production of androgen hormones in the ovaries and inhibiting the work of androgen hormones in th
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Positive Pregnancy but Apparently Empty Pregnancy. How come

The test pack results indicate you are pregnant positively, but in fact the doctor's examination states that you have an empty pregnancy. How and why did this happen? An empty or blighted ovum pregnancy usually occurs early in the first trimester, even when you may not realize that you are pregnant. This occurs when fertilization does not produce an embryo or produces an undeveloped embryo. This is a Blank Pregnancy Sign The cause of an empty pregnancy is not exactly known, but is thought to be caused by an abnormality of chromosomes in a fertilized egg. This can occur due to abnormal cell division or poor quality of eggs and sperm. Although it is said to be an empty pregnancy, a pregnancy test may show positive results. This is because there is still the pregnancy hormone hCG. In addition, you may also experience pregnancy symptoms, such as nausea, vomiting, and breast tightening. However, the symptoms of pregnancy will stop after hormone levels decrease. When that happens

Don't Let PMS Make You Emotional Easily, Here's How

Easily angry, body aches, to headaches are some of the symptoms before menstruation or premenstrual syndrome (PMS) that is often experienced by women. Not infrequently these symptoms make you more irritable and difficult to concentrate when on the move. However, there are certain ways you can try to alleviate it. There is really no medical cure for PMS, but some lifestyle adjustments can help relieve discomfort before and during menstruation. Relieve Discomfort Ahead of Menstruation The following are some ways you can do to minimize discomfort when menstrual signs arise, so PMS does not make you emotional faster. Improve diet Improving your diet can help reduce irritating complaints in the abdominal area before menstruation begins. Overcome the consumption of foods high in salt which can make you bloated, caffeinated drinks that can make you anxious and anxious, and foods / drinks high in sugar. Better to multiply the consumption of water, fruit, vegetables, lean protein, and